[glugot] a brand new event in the GLUGOT events calendar!

raghav subramanian ragsvds710 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 22:22:01 IST 2015

hey FOSS guys,
 its the time of the year when we plan the events to be conducted by GLUGOT.
This year when we were going through the same motions an idea arose
"Why not add a new event, something that is immensely practical with
regards to the industry?"

So after a little brainstorming we arrived at the following new event,
and guess what its called?
As the name suggests it is a project management contest using open
source tools such as
git, wiki and documentation tools etc.
Its like 2 mangoes with one stone :)
1. students get ready for F'stival
2.students take steps towards learning project management, using FOSS tools

This would develop the practice of contributing to open source
projects among students.

and in addition this would further the aims of GLUGOT viz. knowledge sharing

So what do the honourable list members think?

let us know


S Raghav

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