[glugot] [glug-madurai] F'stival 2008 Poster design RFC

Joe Steeve joe_steeve at gmx.net
Thu Aug 7 00:24:26 IST 2008

Guruprasad <lgp171188 at gmail.com> writes:
> The Poster that has been designed is now posted at
> http://glugot.tce.edu/?q=node/27

I have stressed this over the years for every FStival. Please
"Keep It Simple and Sweet". I understand that you have put a lot
of effort on all the graphic work, but it is important that the
poster looks professional and informative.

 1. I really think the heavy graphics is un-necessary. It is going
 to look very bad on a normal offset print. A photo quality print
 is going to cost a lot. All that excess money can be used for
 other better things.

 IMHO, a plain background with relevant images and nicely arranged
 text is better than all that jing-bang. Please dont make it look
 like 'yet another symposium in yet another college'. A simple
 color combination like sandal-wood yellow background with black
 text on it would make a real good poster. 

 Our target should be on presenting the information rather than
 showing people how good our graphic skills are.

 2. Poster lacks information:

    - GLUGOT should be expanded.

    - GLUG-Madurai should be expanded.

    - Links to both web-sites

    - Link to FStival'08 website (either on glug-madurai.org or

    - Mention of 'software freedom day' and link to its website

Can you please work on these lines and bring out some ideas?

.o. I'm a Free man. I use Free Software.
ooo http://www.joesteeve.org/
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