[glugot] [glug-madurai] why not a Free Lord Ganesha this time?

Joe Steeve joe_steeve at gmx.net
Fri Jul 27 08:27:37 IST 2007

Hello Sai.,

"Saikrishna" <saikrishna at tce.edu> writes:
> Its like this, an image of Lord Ganesha using Free Software or
> something close to that (or even Lord Ganesha travelling on GNU
> :) ).
> We can use it as a mascot for Fstival'07.

The idea is not bad as it adds to the occassion. However., I would
really suggest to keep religious touches out of it. Everyone wont
see it the way we see it. 

People who believe strongly might take offence on the light
hearted portrayal. People who do not believe and are not tolerant
might find other reasons to brag about. 

And dealing with such scenarios/situations is a major PITA.

.o. I'm a Free man. I use Free Software.
ooo http://www.joesteeve.org/
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